Deeply entrenched in the medical continuum

We strongly believe that every person is whole, complex and unique. As we collaborate with you and your care team, we will design a safe and effective approach to care in order to address your unique needs.

We currently provide medical massage services in numerous medical facilities throughout the Denver metro area. In addition, we have launched the Medicine Hands  Provider Network — a program created to provide office and home-bound services for our community under the supervision and care of a physician. This network allows easy and convenient access to medical massage therapists throughout the region.

Our approach means that we listen. Really listen. To recognize and adapt to your unique individuality, we have a highly skilled team trained to work together with you to meet your needs. Effective communication and collaborative care are essential elements for a return to function.

Visit or contact our expert team of medical massage therapists at Medicine Hands today.

Models of care
Acknowledging the specific needs of each facility, various contracting models are available to maximize budget and care criteria. From shift-based to on-call to integrative staffing, we can place programs and therapists in nearly all care settings.

Whether a facility is building an integrative component to its system of care — or considering a pilot program — Medicine Hands can help with staffing, strategy and structure.

To accommodate our communities’ needs, Medicine Hands partners with its affiliates to bring affordable, skilled medical massage to patients and providers. We connect Colorado residents and medical facilities with providers and programs they can trust.

We offer the following Integrative Medicine Services:

  • Medical Massage Therapy
  • Pre and Post Operative Care
  • Medical Spa Services

  • Rehabilitative Care for Scar Tissue

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Edema and Lymphedema

  • Cranial Sacral and other Energetic Modalities

  • Reflexology care for Peripheral Neuropathy’™s

  • Aromatherapy

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