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Customized integrative massage services are designed especially for you. Our highly skilled and professional therapists listen to you and adapt the session to your individual needs to support your health and well being.


Our highly skilled lymphatic specialists are trained to work with issues involving post-surgical or trauma-related swelling or lymphedema. We support your body’s recovery by supporting the health and wellbeing of your lymphatic system.


Acupuncturist helps promote natural healing and proper function in the body by assisting your body back into balance. Acupuncture supports the function, health, and wellbeing of your body’s physical, mental and emotional systems.

Music Therapy

This form of healing uses music to support your mental, physical and emotional health. Our Board Certified Music Therapist tailors her music and expertise to support your particular situation.

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Oncology Massage

Oncology training addresses the full spectrum of cancer related issues – the physical consequences of cancer as well as the side effects of treatments and social-emotional considerations. A skilled therapist knows the right questions to ask and how to customize each session to best meet your current needs.

Pain Management

Our trained therapists specializing in pain management can provide safe, effective care for anyone dealing with chronic or acute pain. Our team uses evidence based integrative techniques as part of your pain management plan.  These non-pharmacological strategies help lessen anxiety, reduce pain levels and improve quality of life.


Our lymphatic massage therapists offer an assortment of lymphatic drainage therapy protocols, techniques and procedures that easily, quickly and painlessly minimize bruising, swelling as well as minimizing scarring and reducing the redness and formation of scars; even those that have been present for many years.