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“Innumerable are the times when we physicians ask our patients at the end of our visit on hospital rounds, ‘Is there anything else we can do for you?’ When we hear the response, ‘you can send the massage therapist in more often!’ The massage therapists provide our patients with an oasis of comfort during very trying times.” – Jeffrey V. Matous, M.D., Colorado Blood Cancer Institute

About Medicine Hands

Since 2001, the founders and certified therapy team of Medicine Hands, Inc. have been at the forefront of implementing integrative therapies as a standard of care in hospital, rehabilitation and out-patient settings. Believing that decisions on patient centered care should be based on thorough, clear and thoughtful use of current best practices.

Our team has expanded the gentle art of healing touch into mainstream healthcare using a relationship-centered treatment approach that helps activate the body’s innate healing responses. The result is enhanced quality of life, an overall sense of well-being and a myriad of proven health benefits.

Playing a central role in the multidisciplinary care team

As part of the patient’s multidisciplinary care team, we develop individualized strategies for best practices that consider the patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances. We then utilize the most appropriate touch-therapy interventions to assist patients in achieving a greater sense of wellbeing.

Medicine Hands plays a central role within the Care Teams of various hospital departments within multiple facilities, and serves patients in:

• Inpatient Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant • Pre-surgical and PACU Care • Inpatient Medical/Surgery • Inpatient Women’s Services including Prenatal, Antepartum, Labor and Postpartum Care • Critical/Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit • Outpatient Oncology Radiation Therapy and Infusion • Rehabilitation