BetsyBetsy Kuglin, CMT

Credentials: Certified Massage Therapist, Oncology Massage

I went to school 2014 / at: Colorado School of Healing Arts

I choose this field because: I have always enjoyed helping others and being of service.

I’ve been working in the field since: 2014 as a self-employed massage therapist

I joined Medicine Hands when/because: 2014; I’ve always wanted to work the company because I’m passionate about medical, specifically oncology massage.

I most enjoy being a massage therapist because: People leave feeling more relaxed, peaceful, loved, healthy and truly heard and cared for.

The most important things I feel about healing touch therapy in assisting patients and/or caregivers is:

Helping to educate patients and caregivers about the benefits of therapy and providing a space for the person to receive what the body needs.

My favorite patient story is: I am regularly told what a special gift they have received during my sessions with them.

I am proudest of my ability to: Holding space for my clients to be themselves, feeling comfortable to release and relax into the work and trust me to facilitate their bodies healing process.

When not working, I like to: Spending time with my husband, family and friends, love spending time in nature, watching/playing sports, watching sitcoms.

Quote: “Our most important legacy will be the contribution we make to the lives of other human beings.”