LindsayLindsay Anna Markwell, CMT

700 Hour Certified Massage Therapy Program
Oncology Massage Certificate
Training in Reflexology, Healing Touch, Trauma Touch, Neuromuscular and Swedish Modalities

I went to Massage School at:
The Colorado School of Healing Arts and graduated in May of 2010.

Why did I chose this field:
I chose to go into massage therapy because I have always loved and believed in the healing power of touch. I believe that therapeutic touch and energy work is one of the greatest gifts we can share with eachother. Massage therapy not only heals the physical body through manipulation of muscles, but can also heal the mind and soul. The energy exchanged through a massage therapy session is an emotional release that is undeniably a powerful healing refuge.

I love to help others, to connect and to love. Massage gives me and my clients a sense of relief, safety and connection. To make a difference, to help someone feel better- it is my passion. Simply stated; I love my profession, I am honored to call myself a Certified Massage Therapist.

I joined Medicine Hands in January of 2012. Choosing Medical Massage Therapy is a very personal decision for me. Having lost my husband to Esophageal Cancer in 2010, I was lost, scared and felt very alone. However, the silver lining to my tragedy left me with the rare ability to start over. As cancer so often does, it changed my outlook on life and it changed who I was and what I wanted to be. I wanted to reach out and help others that were going through cancer. When I came across Medical Massage Therapy, it was clear to me that this was my path. I set out as a single mother of 2 young daughters to complete my education and training to become a Medical Massage Therapist. During my education, I met the owners of Medicine Hands. It was clear at that moment that is where I wanted to be. I am very proud to be a part of Medicine Hands. The dedication of the therapists at Medicine Hands is seen every day and through the relief and happiness we provide our patients and caretakers.

I most enjoy being a massage therapist because I love the healing connection I have with my patients. It is priceless to end a session and knowing that someone feels better because of the therapeutic session we just had together. I enjoy facilitating healing, both physically and emotionally. The most important things I feel about healing touch therapy in assisting patients and/or caregivers.

I think it is a great blessing to provide healing touch therapy to patients and caregivers because of the impact it has on their body and soul. Healing touch can improve a person’s physical state and emotional state of mind without any physical contact at all. This is significant for those that can’t handle physical contact or too much stimulation. I believe that after a healing touch session, the patient and/or caretaker is more open for healing and positive energy. I love when I hear feedback from a patient or caretaker after a healing touch session that states they feel so much better, more relaxed and have less stress and anxiety.

I had a patient in a radiation department that was scheduled for weekly massages. She was a young woman diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. Had never received massage before, and scared of touch, our massage sessions were challenging at first. I spent the first few sessions with her just talking, holding space for her. After a while, we moved on to energy work and before we knew it, we were on to full body massages. Our progress and connection developed into a very special relationship and we had a wonderful experience together. I will never forget the day I assisted her out to her car and she introduced me to her mother as her friend. This was very touching to me. I will always hold our relationship close to my heart.

I am proudest of my ability to connect with my patients and caretakers. I take the time to review their medical history and also take the time to really listen to what they need. I dedicate my time, my heart and my space to them so they can get the most out of their session. I adapt to their needs and wishes and provide a therapeutic session customized just for them. I believe that no massage session is the same, and it is because no patient’s needs are the same. I am proud of my ability to connect on an individual level.

When I am not working I enjoy my blessings in life. I have 2 wonderful daughters ages 5 and 7, and there is nothing I love more than being their mommy. I have been blessed with a wonderful partner, Cory who surrounds me with love, laughter and happiness. I am a “home body” and put truth in the phrase, “There is no place like home.” I enjoy being at home with my family, cooking, watching movies, cuddling and playing. I love to dance and listen to music. Concerts are my special nights out. I enjoy taking care of myself through working out, meditation, massage and relaxation. I enjoy every moment, every blessing and live a life of pure gratitude.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass … It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”